Kauai Yacht


Giant Yachts is a leading provider of yacht-related services in Kauai, HI. The demand for Kauai yacht sales and charters amongst tourists and locals has significantly gone up with changing vacation preferences. Individuals and even families are looking to explore experiences beyond the usual that help them connect with the incredible nature.

Nevertheless, we understand the buying or even renting a Kauai yacht is no inexpensive endeavor. Therefore, we have ensured that our staff possesses all the requisite hospitality skills to assist high-end customers. When you reach out to us for your Kauai yacht requirement, you expect the utmost professional assistance customized per your unique needs.

We can address a wide range of inquiries associated with a yacht, including:

  • New yachts for sale
  • Luxury yacht
  • Used yachts
  • Yachts for charter

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Kauai Yachts


With the rapid advancements in marine and automobile technology, the Kauai yachts market and manufacturing techniques have also evolved. Modern Kauai yachts can feature some of the best performance and safety features, in addition to incredible amenities that take luxury and comfort to another level.

However, buying or renting Kauai yachts is still cumbersome, involving much paperwork and legal obligations. Our company has created a streamlined approach to help you navigate the necessary procedures seamlessly and save you money and, more importantly, your valuable time. As a result, we have amassed a tremendously positive reputation amongst the regular clients in the Kauai yachts domain.

Our yachts available for sale and charter can feature numerous exquisite amenities, such as:

  • Underwater observatory
  • Sports facilities
  • Pools and waterfalls
  • Outdoor cinema

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Kauai Yachts For Sale


If you have been looking for picture-perfect Kauai yachts for sale, then you have arrived at the right place. A dedicated consultant from our team will note all your needs and preferences and recommend you the finest Kauai yachts for sale on the market.

We have worked with top manufacturers across the globe to create a remarkable collection of Kauai yachts for sale to service our clients. We can also incorporate exclusive aesthetic and functional requirements to produce a vessel that you desire. In addition to helping you find Kauai yachts for sale, we also offer comprehensive after-sale assistance to help you with the necessary maintenance, crew requirements, repairs, upgrades, and more.

We have many kinds of yachts for sale, including:

  • Classic motor yacht
  • Sport fishing yacht
  • Expedition yachts
  • Convertible yachts

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