Charleston Yacht Charter


A yacht charter is an excellent choice if you are planning a vacation in Charleston, SC. For this, you can get in touch with Giant Yachts. Our company offers yacht charters of every kind. It can even include luxury and superyachts. Moreover, our Charleston yacht charter service rate is unbeatable and unmatched by any other provider.

You can contact us anytime whether you need a Charleston yacht charter for a single day or a long duration. Depending on the size of your gathering, we will offer you the best possible options right away.

These are a few of our best Charleston yacht charter options.

  • Luxury yacht charter
  • Mega yachts on rent
  • Small sailboat charters
  • Rental solar powered yacht

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Charleston Yacht Charters


When you contact our company for Charleston yacht charters, our team gives you all the necessary information at once. You can even ask our crew members to schedule a tour of different boats before deciding on our yacht rental service. It allows you to get a real-time experience of our boats before you finalize the details of our Charleston yacht charters.

Moreover, our boats available under the category of Charleston yacht charters are also well maintained. They have all the luxury and necessary amenities available onboard, so you will never have an uncomfortable cruising trip. You can consider the mentioned Charleston yacht charters for your needs.

  • Remote control yacht
  • Trailerable yachts on rent
  • Laser sailboat charter
  • Vintage yacht on rent

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Charleston Yacht Rental


If this is your first time considering a Charleston yacht rental service, you should rely on professionals like us. Whether it is the paperwork related to the service or the behavior of our crew members, everything is top-notch. Moreover, our Charleston yacht rental service can be an ideal choice for different events and occasions.

With the help of our Charleston yacht rental service, you can host parties and spring vacation trips on board without any problems. Calling us is the right way to go for those who still have questions regarding our rental services. For this, you can use the given helpline number and talk to our rental experts at any time.

Clients can also explore these Charleston yacht rental options.

  • 420 sailboat charter on rent
  • Rental 30 foot yacht charter
  • Classic wooden yacht on rent
  • Rental RC yacht charter

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